Project Description

Wind4Bio addresses a key inhibitor pertaining to the proliferation of wind energy in the territories of Western Greece, Latvia and Poland, namely the concerns expressed by local communities over the impact of wind power installations on biodiversity.

Wind4Bio will work for the convergence of wind energy and biodiversity policies and practices, put in place dialogue mechanisms with the civil society and concerned stakeholders, and improve collaboration with the wind energy sector at local level.

About Wind4Bio

Wind4Bio will primarily contribute to increasing wind power capacity and share in the energy mix of Greece, Latvia, and Poland, reducing at the same time dependence on fossil fuels and curbing CO2 emissions. It will also strengthen social and political support for wind energy as a fulcrum for green growth and territorial development, further to climate change mitigation.

Expected Impact

The project will contribute to the creation of a more supportive and sustainable environment for the proliferation of wind farms in GR, LV and PL. To that end, it will address biodiversity concerns pertaining to the deployment, operation and decommissioning of wind farms in areas of increased biodiversity in order to increase public acceptance and support for wind energy.

Meet the Partners

University of patras

Green Liberty




Public authorities

Environmental NGO's

Civil societies

Wind energy sector companies